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#1 陳翎瑀 Julia Chen1  陳翎瑀      Julia Chen

My name is Julia Chen. I am 24 years old. I was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and I now live in Phoenix, Arizona. I gradated from Arizona State University with Mechanical Engineering degree. I am currently working at CTS design as an 3D-Design engineer. I am a very outgoing person with a lot of different hobbies. I learned violin when I was in elementary school, and that leaded me into music. Later on I learn piano and drums by myself. Besides all the instrument that I play, I also love to dance. I have a dance team with some of my friends, and we often go perform at various shows and performances in our spare time. When I am at home, I love to cook for my family, and watch them enjoy my food creation is one of my biggest satisfaction. When I am outside traveling, I love to explore different view, no matter it’s up in the mountain or down in the ocean. By the way, I already got my open water diving license.


#2 劉兆雲 Aimee Liou2  劉兆雲     Aimee Liou

My name is Aimee Liou. Procrastinating writing this bio is a perfect bio in itself. Being a student athlete has creatively taught me how to juggle work, athletics, academics, and time for friends and family. For almost ten years, synchronized swimming became more than just a way of staying fit; it became a passion. The glittery suits, the rush of adrenaline before a big competition, and the abiding friendships made along the way made it worthwhile. I believe it is important for everyone to have a passion. In an unfavorable world, finding the thing that you love that ignites the fire-in-you-soul is the difference between “existing” and “living” the life you were given. Passion is the driving force that pushes you to succeed; it is what makes you, you.

My all time favorite quote is by George Sand: “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” I love taking photos and binge watching New Girl. I love cats, the rain, fried chicken, and that one Kermit the Frog meme. Extra love to the people that hold a special place in my heart: my mom and sister, Joyce Yoo, Taliya Chhouk, Jenny Zhang, Emilie Shin, Ben Quon, Oarack Bobama, Rachael Mehrara, and Ellie Schroder.


#3 李丹琳 Danlin Li3  李丹琳     Danlin Li

I am Danlin Li. I am 18 years old. I am going to study software engineering in August this year.  I am optimistic, active, earnest, and honest. I have the courage to try new tasks. I am able to adapt to the environment easily and work with others. My hobbies are playing the piano, composing music, singing, playing badminton, swimming, riding horses, training puppies, reading and acting. My specialty is playing the piano. I have played the piano since I was in first grade. It is my honor to attend Miss Phoenix Chinese 2018 competition because I always wanted to participate in a competition like this since I was little.


#4 羅無憂Katherine Luo4  羅無懮    Katherine Luo

My name is Katherine Luo and I am currently a freshman at ASU pursuing a degree in Supply Chain Management. My whole life has been about moving to new environments and quickly learn to join in the community. I have lived in China and America and loves the culture on both sides. I have lived in Arizona for two years now and has since participated in tons of the Chinese community activities. In school, I am also a sister in a sorority,Delta Chi Lambda, and currently holds three positions – Historian, Fundraiser, Recruitment Chair. All my positions has helped me strengthen my time management skills, dealing with unexpected situations, and my communication and social skills. I am passionate with helping the community and has been a strong supported of United Nation World Food Programme. I hope to be more involved in the Chinese community and help the world more even by a bit.


#5 馬子淇 Joya Ma5  馬子淇     Joya Ma

My name is Joya Ma. I started to learn drawing since seven and over time I fell in love with art and design. Beauty attracts my eye like metal does to a magnet. I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was thirteen. It brings me so much joy when I can practice my creativity and transform my imagination into reality. I started the first Fashion Club at my high school, organized activities for the club, and provided motivated peers a platform to develop their skills. I am the Yearbook Club Editor and I also participate in Art Club and National Honor Society. This year, I was accepted to my dream school — Parsons the New School of Design — a world-renowned design school. This not only acknowledged my effort and artistic ability, but also takes my passion to a higher level. Eventually, I want to have my own brand one day. It will probably be a lifelong journey to explore what beauty really means to me. It will be challenging but definitely rewarding.


#6 嚴可臻 Tanya Yan6  嚴可臻      Tanya Yan

Tanya Yan is a high school senior at BASIS Chandler. She is excited to be majoring in Graphic Design in the upcoming years as an undergraduate. Tanya enjoys a wide variety of extracurricular such as traditional Chinese dance, art, piano, and bass guitar. She is extremely passionate for the arts, and her goal as a creative artist is to contribute to the awareness of culture as well as to work in parallel with changing society. As a Chinese American, Tanya is proud to be representing her culture through this opportunity.




#7 康雁萍Valentine Kentjana7  康雁萍         Valentine Kentjana

My name is Valentine Kentjana and I am currently a sophomore in college studying Kinesiology at Mesa Community College, and will pursue a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. My two main passions include singing and leading worship at church, and doing Wushu at the Phoenix Wushu Academy. Leading worship allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and develop leadership skills, and Wushu has shaped me into the strong, charismatic, and confident person I am today, and I am incredibly thankful to have had such an incredible and supportive environment to grow up in. My goal in life is simply to be successful in whatever I set my mind to, and to encourage and support others the same way that people have done for me. As one of my favorite leaders used to say, “Your success is measured by the number of people that are better off because you lived.” – Bill Britt


#8 徐立程 Everest Xu8  徐立程         Everest Xu

Growing up a Chinese girl in America traps you inside labels and forces you to fit in with American culture, but no matter how hard you try, you never truly can. I learned along the way that knowing 2 cultures so intimately is a privilege not many have, and that I must learn to use the advantages and overcome the disadvantages. I’m still learning.
Here’s a list of some interesting things I’ve done in my life: piano; violin (did a couple years in the Phoenix Youth Symphony); math competitions and quiz bowls; traditional & digital art; graphic design; ballet, hip-hop, modern, and Kpop dance; formed a 4 member dance crew; became dance instructor for an ASU dance club with 100+ members (KoDE); learned 4 languages; graduated top 1% of 500 in my high school class; once worked 3 part-time jobs at the same time (Virtual assistant, SAT/ACT private tutor, TA) during college, caught fish with my bare hands, and studied abroad in London, England with ASU Barrett, the Honors College. Nowadays, most of my time is dedicated to school, internship, ‘4CE Dance’ crew activities and performances/competition, teaching at KoDE and organizing performances for the members, and training my German Shepherd.
I like colors and music, and sour food. I like new experiences rather than constancy. I want to break boundaries and define my individuality, rather than allow myself to be defined by those labels.



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